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GAI2 LED Positionable Light With Heavy Duty Base

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The versatile General Area Illumination (GAI) light is available with a solid aluminum heavy duty base (switched or unswitched) for applications requiring a more durable mounting option. GAI is fully sealed and IP67 rated (unswitched only) making it perfect for interior or exterior use. GAI’s small size, high output and heavy duty machining aluminum base make this light perfect for a wide range of applications: cabin reading light, cockpit task light or even a work space light.


Lumens 250
Voltage 10-30 vDC
12v DC Amps 480mA
24v DC Amps 260mA
Related Watts 6
Correlated Corrected Temperature (CCT) 3000
Color Rendering Index (CRI) 90+
Op. Temp F/C -31/35 to + 131/55
Diameter 2.53in (6.42cm)
IP Rating 67
PLI Enabled Yes
Timed Toggled Protocol (TTP) Yes
Third Party Dimmer Compatibility (3PD) Yes
Color Match Commitment (CM) Yes
CE Certified Yes
UL Certified No
Sub Category Compartment & Utility Lights

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