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underwater marine lights

Marine Underwater Lights

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Illuminate the depths and mesmerize with marine underwater lights. Designed for easy in-water service and upgrades. Made of high-quality materials and comes with free economy shipping.
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Are you embarking on a night cruise or planning an epic diving expedition, Marine underwater LED lights from DRSA are the best choice. Available in various sizes, colors, and mounting options, catering to a wide range of marine applications.

  • Since 1988
  • Made in the USA
  • CE Certified
  • Tested & Approved
  • 68 IP Rating
  • PLI enabled
  • Hand-assembled

We have partner dealers and installation specialists in Alabama, California, Florida, Illinois, New Jersey, New York, Virginia, Rhode Island, and more.

Underwater Marine Lights Collection

Zambezi X2

High-performance surface-mount underwater light that offers exceptional brightness and energy efficiency. Fully compatible with the award-winning Poco Digital Lighting Control system, offering advanced color control through a compatible MFD (Multi-Function Display) or any connected smart device. With its durable construction, the Zambezi X2 Surface Mount Underwater light is designed to withstand harsh marine conditions.

Zambezi Mini

A Compact version of the X2, perfect for smaller pontoons and skiffs. Easy to mount, easy on the wallet, yet packs a visual punch. Despite its small size, this light doesn't compromise on brightness and durability. This makes Zambezi Mini an ideal choice for enhancing visibility and aesthetics in marine environments.

Javelin 600X

Powerful underwater light designed for high-performance boats. Javelin Underwater Light Series from Lumitec is made from high-quality material ensuring long-lasting performance. Ideal for freshwater boats of all sizes but durable enough for saltwater applications.

SeaBlaze Typhoon

Through-hull underwater light designed for boat and vessel installations. With its sleek and flush-mount appearance, SeaBlaze Typhoon enhances the aesthetics of the boat. Also, provide impressive underwater lighting to attract marine life and create a captivating ambiance. Available in dual-color white/blue or dazzling full-color spectrum

SeaBlaze Quattro

Advanced LED underwater light that offers superior brightness and energy efficiency. Designed for versatility, SeaBlaze Quattro provides customizable lighting options. Ideal for boats, yachts, and underwater photography, adding a touch of elegance to any marine setting. Available in white/blue dual-colour or dazzling full-colour Spectrum output.  

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Benefits of Marine Underwater LED lights

Marine underwater lights offer numerous benefits, making them popular and widely used in various marine applications.

Enhancing Safety and Navigation

When fitted to boats, yachts, or even kayaks, they provide excellent visibility. This makes it easier for boaters to identify obstacles, markers, and potential hazards below the surface.

Enchanting Marine Aesthetics

Add a touch of magic and allure to any watercraft. As the sun sets, these lights transform the water's surface into a captivating canvas. It also illuminated the aquatic world below in a dazzling display of colors.

Compact and Lightweight

LED lights are compact and lightweight, which is advantageous for underwater installations. They can be easily integrated into small underwater structures without adding significant weight or bulk.

Environmental Friendliness

LED technology used in these lights is free from harmful substances, making them eco-friendly lighting solutions. Even consume significantly less energy, extending battery life and reducing the overall environmental impact.

Low Heat Emission

Marine underwater LED lights produce minimal heat during operation. This is essential for maintaining a stable water temperature and ensuring the safety of marine life around the light source.


Can be used for various marine applications, including recreational diving, fishing, marine research, boat illumination, and underwater photography. The light's adaptability makes them suitable for both commercial and personal use.

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1. Are marine underwater lights energy-efficient?

Yes. We use energy-efficient LED technology that consumes less power compared to traditional lighting options. This makes the lights environmentally friendly and reduces energy costs during extended usage. Our marine underwater led lights also have a longer operational life, minimizing the need for frequent replacements.

2. How do I install underwater lights on my boat?

The installation process varies depending on the light type. Surface-mount lights can be easily affixed to the hull, while through-hull lights require drilling a hole in the boat's hull. You can also check the manufacturer's instructions to ensure correct and safe assembly.

3. Can I control the colors of the lights?

Yes. At DRSA, some marine underwater light models come with advanced color control features. This means you can control it using a compatible MFD (Multi-Function Display) or any connected smart device like a smartphone or tablet. Users can customize colors, brightness, and even create dynamic lighting effects.

4. Are there regulations for using marine underwater lights?

Yes. some regions have regulations concerning the use of marine underwater LED lights, especially in terms of colors and intensity. We recommend you know the local laws and guidelines to ensure compliance and prevent any unintentional harm to the environment or marine life.

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