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Boat Overhead Lights

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Upgrade interiors with our overhead boat LED lights!

Sleek design, easy installation, and superior performance. The perfect combination of style and functionality, elevating your boating experience to new heights.

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If you're looking for high-quality overhead boat lights, look no further than DRSA. We offer modern boat and marine lighting solutions from many reliable brands.


Available in various styles, colors, and sizes to suit every boat lighting need and preference. We have installation specialists in Alabama, California, Florida, Illinois, New Jersey, New York, Virginia, Rhode Island, and more.

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Marine & Boat Overhead Lights Collection


Antigua is a 4" overhead light fixture designed to combine functionality and aesthetics. The stainless steel polish construction adds a touch of elegance and durability to the lights. Comes with screw mount, G4 socket, max wattage rating 20W. Used in either interior or exterior applications for boats or RVs.

Little Beach

The Little Beach is a 2-1/2” spring mount light with a slight bevel on the bezel similar to the slightly larger North Beach. Designed in a sleek and minimalist style, making it the perfect solution for boats or RVs interior applications. Available in white or stainless polish color.


Specifically designed to complement boat or RVs interior/exterior applications with a clean and minimalist look. Negril 3 1/2" overhead light fixture offers a combination of style and functionality. Comes with G4 socket, max wattage rating 20W for ample illumination.

Capella LED

Beautiful yet sturdy, the 5 watt Capella is made for the toughest marine environment. Featuring 316SS bezels, high power and high performance CREE LED. Available in warm white, natural white, and bright white colors.


It is white 6 1/8" overhead light designed with a focus on functionality and style. Jamaica offers reliable and bright illumination, ensuring visibility and creating a pleasant atmosphere on board. Also available with GY6.35 socket for 120V applications.


The Kingston 4" overhead light fixture is a versatile option. Designed to provide ample illumination in different areas of the boats or RVs. With a focus on functionality and durability, making it suitable for various marine environments.


It is a timeless 3 1/4" overhead light fixture that provides reliable and uniform illumination for boat or RVs interior/exterior. Montserrat comes with G4 socket, max wattage rating 20W to accommodate various lighting needs.

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Benefits of Boat & Marine Overhead LED Lights

  • Ample lighting to illuminate the boat's interior and exterior, ensuring safer navigation and movement onboard.
  • Longer lifespan compared to traditional bulbs, reducing the need for frequent replacements.
  • Durable and resistant to vibrations, shocks, and harsh marine environments.
  • Available in various color options, allowing for customization and ambiance creation on the boat.
  • Free from hazardous materials such as mercury, making them environmentally friendly and easier to dispose of.
  • Consumes approximately 90% less energy than old-style incandescent lights.

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1. Can I use overhead boat lights for interior and exterior applications?

Yes. Our overhead lights can be used for both interior and exterior applications. But we recommend you to check if the fixtures label you choose have the appropriate IP (Ingress Protection) rating for outdoor use to withstand exposure to moisture, saltwater, and other elements.

2. Are your overhead LED lights waterproof?

Yes. Our marine and boat overhead lights are IP55 or IP68 rated. They are specifically engineered to withstand exposure to moisture, saltwater, and other harsh marine environments.

3. How do I install marine overhead LED lights?

It's quite simple. Our overhead LED lights are spring or screw mounted, depending on the product design. We also recommend you to follow the installation instructions to ensure maximum safety and reliability.

4. Are overhead lights suitable for all boat sizes and designs?

We offer boat overhead lights in various sizes, designs, and mounting options to accommodate different boat sizes and layouts. Whether you have a small boat, a large yacht, you can find the light that suits your needs. Contact our support team for help!

5. When should I replace my existing boat lights with LED lights?

Here are some of the signs when you should consider replacing them, including -

  • Diminished brightness or quality of light output.
  • Physical damage or signs of corrosion.
  • Outdated technology compared to newer models.
  • Inadequate illumination for safe navigation or activities.
  • Reaching recommended service life or maintenance intervals.
Before replacing, make sure to check the specifications and compatibility of the LED lights with your current wiring system. Consult a professional for assistance if needed.

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