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LED Boat Dome Lights

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Equip your boat with durable and cost-efficient lighting solutions, offering enhanced brightening with LED boat dome lights by DRSA. We feature a wide range of the finest marine LED downlights and dome lights equipped with advanced features to liven up your boat while giving you greater control over lighting output.

High-Quality Boat Dome Lights by DRSA

As one of the leading marine and LED lighting solutions providers, DRSA has always strived to incorporate the finest and latest technology in its lighting products, and our LED dome lights for boats are no exception. Whether you require downlights for accentuating the interior, brightening up a poorly lit area, or dome light for your boat interior or exterior, we have you covered.

  • Made in the USA
  • CE Certified
  • Warranty coverage
  • IP67 approved
  • Tested for quality assurance

Check out our product offerings and decide which one you like best

Touch Dome

The Touch Dome LED light is an elegant and all-rounded functional design equipped with an Optical Field Sense feature for color changing and dimming. The multipurpose light can be used in mechanical and electrical spaces as down light and multiple wet spaces.

Shadow Flush Mount

The Shadow Flush Mount LED Down Light has a robust and versatile design with high light output. Equipped with TTP technology by Lumitec, the IP67-compliant LED light allows easy color changing and dimming.

Square Mirage

The Square Mirage LED Down Light can be used for overhead lighting in multiple indoor and outdoor settings. It comes in four color variants and three finishes, while its sleek design and greater output make it one of the best marine LED downlights.

Positionable Mirage

The Positionable Mirage LED downlight can be used in multiple indoor and outdoor spaces for a dramatic lighting impact. It also features a sleek design, gives an impressive output, and comes in different color variants.

Orbit Flush Mount

The Orbit Flush Mount LED Down Light offers a great lighting solution for cabins, mezzanines, and T-top covers. It is very simple to install, has an incredible output, and is equipped with color control and dimming.

Mirage Flush Mount

The Mirage Flush Mount LED Down Light is one of the best-performing in our range. It comes in a variety of colors and finishes and is suitable for using indoors as well as outdoors.

Halo Flush Mount LED Down Light

The Flush Mount LED Down Light is a great waterproof LED light with color and dimming control options without any exterior control components. It is a great option for lighting solutions for your boat cabin and even outdoors.

Aurora Surface Mount

The Aurora Surface Mount Dome Light has a wide design for a brighter output. It comes with an in-built intuitive switch for greater control and offers three color output options and dimming control options.

Aurora Flush Mount

 The Aurora Flush Mount Dome Light is similar to the Aurora Surface Mount in terms of appearance and features. Unlike the Surface Mount, it only comes in a white finish and offers two color output options instead of three.

Upgrade your boat with superior LED boat dome lights

If you love to take your boat out at night time or are looking for efficient lighting solutions to perk up the poorly lit areas in your boat, our LED boat downlights are a great option and present numerous benefits compared to conventional lighting bulbs.

  • The LED dome and downlights are a flexible and practical lighting You can use them in diverse settings, and since they do not take up much space, they are a great choice for boat cabins and helm lighting.
  • Enjoy greater control over dimming and color output with our LED dome lights for boats. They make for a great addition to your vessel, adding to your aesthetics and offering functionality at the same time.
  • The low power consumption features make our marine LED downlights, and dome lights a cost and energy-efficient solution.
  • Their robust design and waterproof features ensure long-term usability.

Buy LED Boat Dome Lights today

Want to enjoy a well-lit vessel? Our LED boat dome lights and downlights offer an enjoyable and safe boating experience. Buying these long-lasting marine LED lights is an eco-friendly and smart decision offering energy efficiency and will prove to be a worthwhile investment for your boat. Explore our range of boat down lights and dome lights and select the one that best suits your needs.

We offer free shipping on all our domestic orders above $200 and provide a myriad of payment solutions to facilitate our customers to the maximum. Place your orders today. Contact us in case of queries!


1. Can I get the LED Rope Light 120V AC in 220V AC?

Yes, we can deliver the LED Rope Light 120V in 220 V AC on special request. Please contact us to discuss your color and length requirements.

2. What will I get in the LED Rope Light Power Cord Kit?

The LED Rope Light Power Cord Kit includes connector pins, a power cord, and an end cap. It is available for both 12/24V DC and 120V AC.

3. Is there any warranty on your Indirect LED Lighting Range?

Yes, we offer a warranty on our products. Please refer to our warranty guide for detailed guidance.

4. What is the minimum order for your LED rope lights?

The minimum order length for the LED rope lights (12/24V DC) is 25 ft, while for the LED rope light (120V AC), it is 27ft.

5. Do you have any dealerships?

Yes, our dealers' network spans California, Alabama, Illinois, Florida, New York, New Jersey, Rhode Island, North Carolina, and Virginia. You can find detailed information for our dealers here.

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