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Light Accessories for Boats

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Navigate the night waters safely with DRSA’s lighting accessories for boats. From RGB LED remote to mounting hardware, we offer marine lighting accessories that cater to the needs of every boat yacht.

Shop Premium Boat Lighting Accessories

Discover DRSA’s handpicked selection of top-quality marine lighting accessories from popular brands. Our range includes everything you need to enhance the functionality, safety, and aesthetics of your boat’s lighting systems.

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Our network extends to installation specialists and partner dealers in various regions, including Rhode Island, New York, Virginia, New Jersey, Illinois, California, Florida, and Alabama.

The Latest Boat Light Accessories Collection

Dive into DRSA’s curated collection of marine lighting accessories. From LED driver to WIFI controller, browse accessories to make your marine adventures all the more amazing. 

DC Wizard PWM Dimmer

The DC Wizard PWM Dimmer is a versatile dimmer that provides precise control over the light’s brightness.  With the 25A maximum current capacity, it is suitable for a range of lighting setups. Whether you want to conserve power or set the mood, this dimmer offers flexibility for your lighting needs.

8-Zone RGB+CCT LED Remote

An intuitive and powerful remote control designed for managing CCT and RGB LED lighting systems. With 8 separate zones, you can synchronize and customize the lighting in different parts of the boat. It's wireless and has a user-friendly interface for managing your marine LED lighting.

GT 50 Air Purifier

A high-performance air purification system with advanced HEPA filtration technology to effectively remove allergens, airborne particles, and contaminants. The GT 50 Air Purifier’s portable and compact design makes it easy to operate and install in cabins and living spaces.

5-in-1 WIFI LED Controller

A versatile lighting control system designed to wirelessly manage and customize the brightness, color, and effects of LED lighting via a smartphone app. Its waterproof design makes it perfect for marine environments, ensuring reliability and durability.

5 Core Connector Cable

A specialized cable designed for connecting and powering the RGBW LED spotlight on your boat. The 5 cores enable precise control and allow you to achieve a wide range of effects and colors. Simplify your installation process and ensure reliable performance with this 5 Core Connector Cable.

Visit DRSA website to check out the newest addition in our stock. We maintain a continuous supply of boat accessories for lights from your favorite brands.

Benefits of Boat Lighting Accessories

Extended Hours of Enjoyment

Light accessories allow you to extend your adventures well into the evening. Whether you are hosting a nighttime gathering or enjoying a quiet dinner, the RGB light controller ensures you create the perfect atmosphere with customizable and vibrant lighting.

Enhanced Safety

Experience more safety with these boat light accessories. Illuminate walkways, decks, and other key areas, minimizing the risk of accidents.

Energy Efficiency

Modern boat accessories are designed with energy efficiency in mind. The LED drivers, in particular, offer illumination while consuming minimal power. Enjoy bright lights without draining your boat’s battery.

Style and Customization

The accessories come in a range of colors and styles, allowing you to change your vessel’s appearance to match your personality and preferences. Whether you want a warm and inviting ambiance or create a modern look, there’s a lighting accessory for you.

DRSA’s committed support and sales team is here to assist you with product knowledge and installation guide. Contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

At DRSA, you can shop for a wide selection of LED controllers, remotes, connectors, dimmers, and more.

Most of our accessories are DIY-friendly and come with detailed instructions to guide you. However, for complex setups, our support team is available to provide assistance.

Absolutely! Our marine lighting accessories are compatible and versatile to use in different boat models. Please check the product description for more specific compatibility details.

Simply follow the product instructions to pair each accessory with a smartphone or a tablet and adjust the brightness, effects, and colors from the For more information, feel free to Contact us.

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