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LED Indirect Lighting

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Enhance your spatial aesthetics through soft illumination with LED indirect lighting by DRSA. We feature a range of indirect LED strip lighting and indirect light lamps that can create the ambiance of natural light without the harsh glare of conventional fixtures.

Indirect LED Lighting Range at DRSA

As pioneers in marine and LED solutions, we at DRSA have been catering to the diverse marine lighting requirements of our customers since 1988. Our LED Indirect Lighting fixtures are designed to give a reduced glare while providing enhanced visual comfort. We offer customized solutions of the finest quality to cater to your specific lighting requirements. Whether you need indirect lighting lamps, tape, or rope light, we have you covered.
  • Made in the USA
  • CE Certified
  • 1 to 2 year warranty
  • IP67 /IP68 approved
  • Tested for quality assurance
Check out our product offerings and decide which one you like best

LED Tape Light COB LED

The LED Tape Light COB LED is the ideal solution for creating a seamless light line. The innovative lighting solution features flip-chip LED, so there are no hot spots. Its chips on board features allow improved light effect, thermal controlling, and greater flexibility. Available in a variety of colors, it is ideal for backlighting and display cases with reflective surfaces.

LED Tape Light, SMD5050 LED

The LED Tape Light, SMD5050 LEDs, is a marine-grade lighting solution with an IP68 rating. It comes in a range of colors, is UV protected, and is flexible and thin, allowing for easy installation.

LED Rope Light - 1/2" inches

The LED Rope Light - 1/2" in features the classic round two -wire LED. Available in four color variants, it is sold in 25 feet lengths. You will require a power connector kit and mounting solution for the LED rope light installation. Line them around the edges of your floor, shelves, staircases, or ceiling for a subtle illumination effect.

LED Rope Light - 3/8" inches

The LED Rope Light - 3/8" in, like its predecessor, comes in four color variants and is sold in 25 feet lengths. Use it to enhance or decorate any outdoor space or enhance the look of your floors or staircases. You will require a power connector kit and mounting solution for the LED rope light installation.

LED Rope Light  (120V AC)

The LED Rope light 120VAC comes in two size dimensions, 3/8 inches and ½ inches. These indirect strip lighting variants are available in four color variants, and the minimum selling size is 27ft. You can also get them in 220V on special order.  
Indirect LED rope lighting accessories
We promise to cater to all your lighting requirements and stand by our commitment. You can easily purchase LED rope lighting accessories for easy installation of the LED strip lights.
LED Rope Light Power Cord Kit- available in 12/24V DC and 120V AC, the LED rope light power cord kit includes connector pins, a power cord, and end cap.
LED Rope Light Mounting Track- suitable for ½ and 3/8" rope lights, the LED rope light mounting track is sold in sizes of 4ft.
LED Rope Light Mounting Clips- install your rope light easily with the LED rope light mounting clips, sold in bags of 25 clips each.

Benefits of LED Indirect Lighting

Whether you are looking for marine lighting solutions or your living spaces, indirect lighting works wonders at giving a spacious and cozy look to any place. You can effortlessly enhance the aesthetics and uplift the architecture with the addition of indirect lighting lamps or strip lights. Here are a few benefits of using indirect LED lighting.
  • When applied in a linear direction, indirect LED strip lighting creates even and diffused lighting and instantly lifts the ambiance.
  • Adding rope or tape lights to the ceilings, walls, or floors adds a touch of color to the features, accentuating the lighting elements and making the interior look more spacious.
  • Tired of the harsh glare of conventional, outdated lighting features? Add indirect light lamp or strips to the interior to create a cozy and soft looking, giving a sense of comfort.
  • Our durable, energy-efficient indirect LED lighting solutions are highly cost-efficient and can help you reduce your energy costs significantly.

Buy LED Indirect Lighting solutions with confidence

Experience the DRSA promise of quality and durability with our indirect LED lighting solutions. Whether you need indirect light lamps or strips, we have you covered.
We offer free shipping on all our domestic orders above $200 and provide myriad payment solutions to facilitate our customers to the maximum. Place your orders today. Contact us in case of queries!

1. Can I get the LED Rope Light 120V AC in 220V AC?

Yes, we can deliver the LED Rope Light 120V in 220 V AC on special request. Please contact us to discuss your color and length requirements

2. What will I get in the LED Rope Light Power Cord Kit?

The LED Rope Light Power Cord Kit includes connector pins, a power cord, and an end cap. It is available for both 12/24V DC and 120V AC.

3. Is there any warranty on your Indirect LED Lighting Range?

Yes, we offer a warranty on our products. Please refer to our warranty guide for detailed guidance.

4. What is the minimum order for your LED rope lights?

The minimum order length for the LED rope lights (12/24V DC) is 25 ft, while for the LED rope light (120V AC), it is 27ft.

5. Do you have any dealerships?

Yes, our dealers' network spans California, Alabama, Illinois, Florida, New York, New Jersey, Rhode Island, North Carolina, and Virginia. You can find detailed information for our dealers here

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