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Background of DRSA

Background of DRSA

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Welcome to DRSA Marine Lighting - Your Premier LED Lighting Specialist

About Us:

At DRSA Marine Lighting, we shine as your comprehensive LED lighting partner for all marine endeavors. Since 1988, we have dedicated ourselves to excellence in the industry. We specialize in high-quality LED solutions for boats, docks, and landscapes, making us a top choice for customers. DRSA sells high-quality lighting from top brands like Imtra, Lumitec, and Lumishore that goes above and beyond expectations.


  • Marine Lighting Solutions: Navigate the seas with confidence with our diverse selection of marine lighting products. Pick from new LED, old halogen, or regular incandescent lights, plus special engine room and utility lighting choices.
  • Landscape Lighting: Enhance your maritime environment with our range of landscape lighting that promises both safety and ambiance.
  • Dock & Deck Lighting: Safeguard your dock and deck with our robust lighting options that stand up to the marine elements.
  • Explore the beauty of the ocean with our advanced marine underwater lights. They bring a sense of wonder and charm to your night adventures.
  • Boat Overhead Lights: Illuminate your boat's interior with our overhead lights, ensuring clarity and comfort for all on board.
  • Control the ambiance of your boat with our digital lighting solutions, providing convenience and customization right at your fingertips.
  • LED Flood Lights: Brighten up vast spaces with our powerful LED flood lights, ensuring safety and visibility wherever needed.
  • Boat light accessories enhance and maintain your maritime lighting systems. Choose from our wide collection to complete your lighting setup.
  • Boat Lights: Our marine LED bulbs and lamps are efficient and durable for navigating through the waters.

Why Choose DRSA Marine Lighting?

  • Expertise: Chart a course with a company that brings over 30 years of maritime knowledge in marine lighting.
  • Excellence: Trust in our selection of top-tier products that consistently surpass marine lighting standards.
  • Innovation: Stay ahead of marine lighting trends by setting sail with the latest advancements in lighting technology.
  • Personalized Service: Enjoy tailored solutions and dedicated customer care that casts a spotlight on your unique lighting needs.

At DRSA Marine Lighting, our unwavering commitment to lighting up your nautical ventures stands as steadfast as a lighthouse. We provide fast shipping, a wide range of products, and easy returns for your maritime lighting needs.

Our goal is to offer high-quality lighting for your adventures at sea. Our shipping is quick, our selection is diverse, and our return process is hassle-free. Choose us for all your maritime lighting needs.