High Power LED Multi Light

LED Boat Light

The Multi Light is designed to be used in many ways and can even be fitted in ‘hard knock” environments or outside as they come with hardened glass and are waterproof.

This light may be either surface mounted or recess mounted by simply removing the back housing.

The Multi Lights are a perfect choice for use as spreader lights.

Boat Lights

LED Boat Light         

The Multi Light is designed to be used in many ways. As a spreader light, a deck light, a radar boom light, a cabin light, and so on.

The light can be either surface mounted or flush mounted simply by removing the back housing and is delivered with a choice of Cool White or Warm White LED's. Ensuring suitability for a variety of different purposes and ambient settings.

The Cool White LED's will primarily be used as working lights such as spreader lights and floodlights whilst the Warm White LED's will suit internal living areas for a softer environment.

The Multi Light can be used in industrial and 'hard knock' environments, even multi-story car parking lots! We tested it by driving over one!

As the Multi Light is multi voltage it can be powered from 10V to 30V/DC and are suitable for use with both a 12V/DC power supply and a 24V/DC power supply.

- The Multi Light is available in grey, white and chrome plated.
- The long life expectancy promises an estimated life-time of 70,000 hours. No maintenance needed.
- With one on each spreader your deck is completely illuminated by only 6 Watts of power consumption.

High Power LED Multilight

  Light Source= 3 x 1W LED's
  Power Source= 10v-30v DC
  Power Consumption= 3w
  Material= Annodized Aluminium
  Finish= Aluminium, Chrome & White
  Mounting= Recessed or Surface Mounted
  Dimensions= Ø62mm, Surface Mounted 28mm Height
  Recessed Mounted 10mm Height & 16mm Depth
  IP Rating= IP67
  Art. No:= ML010101-ML060607

  Available LED Colors Warm White, Cool White
  Bright Blue

  Specifications are subject to
  change without notice.
LED Boat Light

For recessed mounting simply remove the backside housing.

Retail Price:    $96.70