Acciaio BX920 - Marinized Light

Marine Engine Room Lighting

ACCIAIO® is the evolution of a luminaire class. Redefining how a luminaire should be built, should be installed, should perform, should last and how it contributes to the ‘green’ initiative and while working in the Marine Environment.

The goal of ACCIAIO® is to obtain the maximum light level, decrease overall consumption and reduce the number of luminaires to be installed and maintained.

The housing uses 24 gauge formed steel, endcaps are constructed from die-cast aluminum and a 0.125” thick tempered glass diffuser is bonded to the housing. All ACCIAIO® products ship lamped and with a quick connect wiring harness. Installers are not required to open the ACCIAIO® housing to complete their installation. This results in quicker and more accurate installations.

Marinized Lights

Features Benefits
Zinc dipped, 24ga, Steel monocoque housing Added durability for installations in special environments
Ships 100% lamped and includes a 72” line cord Installation time is approximately 50% less than competitor’s comparable products - Reduced labor time = money saved
Removable lamp & ballast tray with quick disconnect Improved safety with automatic disconnect, power is automatically disengaged - Maintenance is simplified with replaceable trays; maintenance can be done on the ground
High performance optics Reduce the number of fixture to be installed in an area - Reduce the number of fixture to be maintained in an area
Tempered glass lens Impact resistant - Will not turn yellow over time
IP66 protection For installation in wet location and dust filled environments - Suitable for washdown areas with high psi
Single entry point Maintain the integrity of the luminaire - Eliminate errors in installation and maintenance
Marinized Lights

WEIGHT: 2ft: 10Lbs/4.5Kgs 4ft: 12-15Lbs/5.4-6.8Kgs

Model Length Operation Lamps Input Mounting Operation
BX920 2 (2ft) HT (AC only) 217WT8 ( 2x17W) 2FT 120/277V AT (autotest emergency)
BX920S1 4 (4ft) SA2 (AC & EM) 214WT5 ( 2x14W) 2FT 347V FP (inline fuse protection)
224WT5HO ( 2x24W) 2FT 480V WG (wire guard)
232WT8 ( 2x32W) 4FT AC_5 (aviation cable)
228WT5 ( 2x28W ) 4FT CH_6 (chain hang kit)
254WT5HO (2x54W) 4FT SL (sanitation listed)

NOTE1: stainless steel (S) only available in 4ft unit. *comes standard with clear safety film
NOTE2: 1 lamp operation during emergency mode; 2ft model not available in (SA) version

NOTE3: specify voltage for (SA) either 120V or 277V
NOTE4: 347V not available in SA;
NOTE5: 480V only available in 2x54W (T5HO); not available in (SA)
NOTE5: specify length for AC: 50”, 72”, 100”, 150” & 250”, for custom lengths contact factory;
NOTE6: CH specify length - min 6”

Marinized Lights

HOUSING: 100% formed 24ga. steel body with die-cast aluminum end caps held in place with stainless steel hardware. Integrated molded silicone perimeter gasket with memory retention and stainless steel mounting brackets. ACCIAIO® housing goes through a zinc coating process prior to having the powder coat finish applied, for enhanced durability.

STAINLESS STEEL: The ACCIAIO® stainless steel is available in 4ft only. The stainless steel housing is AISI304 and .64mm/22ga. thick. The ACCIAIO® BX920S comes standard with a clear safety film.

SAFETY FILM*: 4mm clear safety film is scratch, heat, impact and blast resistant. Complies with EN12600 class 2. *standard on all ACCIAIO® BX920S (stainless steel) units.

LAMP/SOCKET: All ACCIAIO® luminaires are provided with 4100K lamps as standard. The BX920 uses four (4) T8 or T5 ratchet type sockets as standard.

POWER LINE/FEED: All ACCIAIO® models are configured with cUL listed 72” black, 18AWG, 600V, 3 or 5 conductor cord that is rated for outdoor use.

EMERGENCY (SA): The ACCIAIO® BX920 is available with an integral emergency ballast. The emergency ballast will operate one lamp (1,100 initial lumen output) for a minimum duration of 90 minutes. Optional auto-test feature is available. The AC & emergency (SA) version is only available in either 120V or 277V inputs.

RAIL SYSTEM: The ACCIAIO® rail system allows the entire ballast tray and reflector to slide out of the housing. This automatically disengages the AC and functions as a hot load disconnect. The ACCIAIO® rail system allows for safe and easy re-lamping and maintenance.

MOUNTING: Surface mount configuration is standard. Optional chain (CH), and aviation cable (AC) mounting are also available.

INSTALLATION: Surface / Suspended luminaire

SANITATION LISTED: is equivalent to the NSF standard 2, meeting the rigorous sanitation, electrical safety and performance standards. The ACCIAIO® BX920 is ideal for use in food service equipment environments.

Marinized Lights
Marinized Lights

Installation Instructions:

Marinized Lights


Marinized Lights
Marinized Lights
Marinized Lights