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Care & Maintenance For Marine Light Fixtures

Every precaution has been taken in the manufacturing of our fixtures. We recommend that you inspect your product for defects prior to installation.

This fixture should be installed and wired in accordance with the National Fire (Protection Association and standards set forth by the American Boat and Yacht Council preferably by a professional electrician. All line voltage fixtures must be grounded.

Installation locations must be free of existing cables and obstructions. Proper clearance at the rear of the fixture is essential for effective heat dissipation. Do not install the fixture where it will come in contact with flammable objects. All electrical connections must be secured.

It is essential that the proper voltage, wattage and polarity be observed in order to avoid possible injury or damage.

Bulb contact configuration must be correct. Handle all bulbs with great care. Never touch halogen bulbs with your bare hands. Direct contact with your skin will damage or decrease the life of the bulb.

Switches are a potential ignition source. Do not install a “self switched” fixture in an area requiring ignition protection unless it is clearly marked and identified as ignition protection compliant.

To remove smudges, fingerprints and dust, rub surfaces gently with a clean soft cloth. To eliminate accumulated salt spray, clean with soft cloth and fresh water. Do not use chemical cleaning agents such as window cleaners or polishing sprays on the fixture’s finish. They may dissolve the clear-coat finish and tarnishing will commence.

If you are uncertain about a fixture or experience difficulty, please contact our technical department for assistance.

Recommendations Regarding Marine Lights and Electrical Devices

Potential Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) and/or Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) may be encountered when using various electronic devices including, but not limited to, digital switching units and fluorescent ballast’s. Careful consideration should be given when installing such devices including, but not limited to, radio frequency receivers used for communication or navigation, digital engine controllers, etc.

Daniel R. Smith & Assoc., Inc. assumes no liability with regard to any product exhibiting these characteristics or any corrective action required to eliminate any of the above mentioned characteristics. We recommend that any electrical or electronic product used on boats be installed and/or serviced by a qualified marine electrician familiar with marine power switching electronics following A.B.Y.C., V.L., and S.A.E. standards and specifications.