HP 3

LED Spreader Lights LED Marine Lights      

These intense LED spreaders incorporate a unique patent pending feature of high and low operation which changes the light pattern at the flick of a switch. Your neighbors at the marina will be grateful!

  • 1.2 amps at 12V DC, .6 amp at 24V DC
  • .4 amp at 32V DC
  • 12-36V DC
  • 1800 lumens
  • Power input range - 12-36V DC
  • Multi-chip power LED's deliver cool, efficient daylight-white illumination. With a total of 9 power LED’s, there is no competition for this mighty mite!
  • Purpose built for the marine industry to IP-67 standards. Constructed of marine grade aluminum. Closely matches white gelcoat finishes.
  • Wide flood beam. Highly efficient optics deliver light where needed, for much more usable light at the workspace. Less energy is wasted as heat, compared to conventional lighting.
  • Newly developed built-in constant-current LED drivers with 96% circuit efficiency, drawing only a fraction of the power of halogen (incandescent) lighting systems and much more efficient than most other power LED luminaires. Such efficient operation means they draw much less electrical current and produce less heat than halogen floods, preserving battery power and improving safety.
  • Exterior surfaces are primed with Liquiguard PC for aluminum, then TCIG powder coated for a durable finish.
  • Built with the latest technology for high intensity light output in the smallest package, this incredible little brute outperforms anything the market has to offer.

  • Custom bezels are available:
    Materials (316SS - Stainless Steel, Bronze, Aluminium)
    Finishes & colors (Polished or Powder Coated)

HP 3 Marine LED Spreader Lights

Item # Description List Price
005.363184.000 Floodlight Spreader 12V DC LED 3xCW HP3 $348.00   Call For Special Pricing

NOTE: Ventilation is required. Lamp MUST be installed in an area of sufficient air space to permit cooling from heat sink. Wire chase should be sufficient. If there is less than 2 inches behind the heat sink, ventilation must be added.


LED Spreader Lights LED Spreader Light


LED Spreader Light
HP3/ HP3-B installation notes:

The stainless steel bracket attaches to studs on the lamp’s heat sink. The bracket is wider at the axis to make fitting over the studs easier and will pull up to the lamp after tightened. Before removing the bracket from the lamp for installation, please note the configuration of the hardware so it may be re-installed correctly.

Attach the bracket to aluminum pipe, welded-on tab or to a flat surface. A 2.5" 316 carriage bolt is included. Additional holes are added for pipe mount and for attaching to flat surfaces. When attaching to flat surfaces, use of a good adhesive/ sealant is required, such as 3M 5200.

Once the bracket is mounted in the desired location, carefully position the lamp so one end of the bracket may slide over a stud, while being careful not to damage the finish. Masking tape may be used to protect the finish during installation. Install the washer and nut on that side, threading the nut so it engages 2-3 threads. For the other end of the bracket, spread the bracket enough so it can slide over the stud. Squeeze the bracket if necessary to thread the remaining nut. Tighten the nuts until they are just snug, then adjust the lamp’s position before tightening both nuts securely to finish the installation.


Ventilation is highly recommended for the flush mount HP3. The HP3 flush mount lamp should be installed in an area of sufficient air space to permit cooling from the heat sink. If there is less than 2 inches behind the heat sink ventilation must be added, unless there is air volume such as a wire chase behind the lamp.


Wiring should only be performed by an experienced installer. Please be sure to use the appropriate wire gauge and breaker for the amount of current being drawn from the power supply, especially when powering multiple lamps.