LED Navigation Lights

Marine led navigation lights


    Basic Navigation Light Rules:
  • The Lights on the Side / red ='s port and green ='s starboard and shine from dead ahead to 112.5° aft on either side.
  • Stern (rear, back) lights are white and shine aft and 67.5° forward on each side. (Thus, the side lights and stern light create a full circle of light.)
  • All round lights are white and shine through 360°.
  • Masthead lights are white and shine from 112.5° on the port side through dead ahead to 112.5° on the starboard side. They must be above the side lights.
  • Sailboats under power are considered powerboats.
  • Side lights may be combined into a single bicolor light.
  • Powerboats less than 20 meters (65.5 feet) in length need to show side lights, a stern light and a masthead light. Power vessels less than 12 meters (39.3701 feet) may show a single all-round light in lieu of the separate masthead and stern lights.
  • Sailing vessels less than 20 meters in length need to show side lights and a stern light. These may be combined into a bicolor light and stern light, or a single tricolor light at the top of the mast. Sailing vessels under 7m must have an electric torch or lantern available for collision avoidance.
  • Oar-driven vessels can show either the sailboat lights, or use the electric torch/lantern option.
  • When anchored outside a special anchorage, power and sail vessels under 20 meters must display an all-round light. Vessels under 7 meters are exempt, unless anchored in a narrow channel or anchorage, or where other vessels usually navigate.
  • Sailboats with sails up during the day, but which are also under power, must fly a black "steaming cone," with its point downward, where it can be seen. When under power they must follow the rules of the road for powerboats.