C-Rail LED Light

LED Lighting

LED Lighting

Available Sizes:       Length 3 3/4"      Rail Sizes - • 1” • 1 1/4”
Coming soon – More Sizes & Aluminum

  1. Drill hole in railing and de-burr hole.
  2. Run Power Wires into railing. Connect to 12VDC power source.
  3. Place Lens over PCB to mark screw hole
  4. Remove backing from water resistant tape on back of PCB and adhere into place on railing.
  5. Drill and tap screw holes.
  6. Place lens in housing and install over PCB
  7. Install mounting screws.

  8. * 24V Systems Will Require 24VDC to 12VDC Converter

Socket Bulb Options Max Wattage Input Voltage Lumens Mounting Styles Dimmable Bulb Color Fixture Lenses Fixture Finishes
10W 12VDC
24VDC (Optional)
300lm (varies with color) Screws Yes Blue (10W)
Red (5W)
White (5W)
Amber (5W)
Green (10W)
Clear Stainless Steel (316)
SS (316) Powder Coat Black
SS (316) Powder Coat White

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