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Boat Lighting

In 1990 there were no dedicated marine lighting manufactures or distributors. Most lights used on “boats” were stock residential lights with bulky, unattractive controls and electrical outlets. DRSA was founded in 1990 to supply the marine industry a clearly superior alternative to these products.

Now, under the leadership of sole owner Cathy Smith, DRSA continues to provide only the highest quality fixtures and electrical products engineered for the marine environment. We offer customized solutions to assure that your goals – from design and engineering to operations and logistics – are achieved. We focus on stellar customer service, technical support, research and development. Our products include a complete array of light fixtures and electrical components including transformers, bulbs, fuses, switches, dimmers, cover plates and accessories. DRSA has the ability to custom design, test and manufacture fixtures to meet your exact specifications and décor requirements.

Our warranty policy extends to the end-user. Should any DRSA lighting fixture or electrical component fail during normal use for the life of the product, we will replace the component free of charge (certain exclusions apply).

DRSA can provide you with the most innovative, up-to-date, quality products available anywhere. No other marine lighting or electrical company can deliver the depth of knowledge, selection of products, and design capabilities, along with the personal service of your DRSA Marketing and Support Team.

We invite you to give us the opportunity to demonstrate our capabilities and assist you with all of your marine lighting and electrical needs.

boat Lighting boat Lighting boat Lighting